News and Updates about our Fall 2016 season!

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re off to a great summer!  We had our fall planning meeting last weds. and have some exciting notes!

  1. The fall regular square dance dates have been confirmed! Check out the Schedule page for more information and to get them in your calendar!
  2. We are going to have Family Dances!  CDSS provided some grant funds for us to host 2 family dances each season.  Fall 2016 Family Dance dates will be October and December at 5:30 before the regular dance.  We are super excited about this new idea!
  3. We approved amended bylaws for the incorporation – we’ll be working on getting the paperwork all done this summer!
  4. Slow Jam – we are looking into a few options for organizing a slow jam for new instrumentalists who would like some time to practice playing in a jam setting!  Will be in touch when we have more information.
  5. Volunteer signups!  We decided to go digital (and paper) for this coming season! If you visit the contact us section, we now have a button to click to get to our signup genius page where you can sign up for helping out at the fall dances!

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